Spring Grove House, Bewdley

Vicky & Chris

I arrived at Spring Grove House on a beautiful autumn day in October. The beautiful Georgian manor is nestled in the heart of the West Midlands Safari Park. A location full of fun, laughter, and families so what a perfect wedding venue to host the wedding of one of the most fun couples this year, Vicky & Chris! The soon-to-be Mr & Mrs Hopkins…

I always love the ‘getting ready’ process leading up to the ceremony. The bride or groom I’m capturing is usually very chilled out and the family around them is usually the ones who are nervous and drinking a glass of bubbly to calm their nerves.

I truly loved my bride Vicky, her personality and attitude was a breath of fresh air. She was my type of person, someone who likes to have a laugh and doesn’t take life seriously. Within the 2 hours before the ceremony started I was able to capture the stunning decor at Spring Grove house has a gorgeous mural that is perfect for being in the heart of the safari park which I just had to use as a backdrop for Vicky as she walked down the staircase to meet her dad. Bridal preparations are also perfect for capturing your hair and makeup being completed as well as your jewelry, shoes, and of course the wedding dress!

Victoria looked flawless with her makeup and hair complete by the ever-so-talented Makeup by Ellen who created a timeless look for our bride, finishing off the style with a sparkling hair piece. Of course, Vicky & Chris’s daughter captured the whole room with her cheeky smiles and utterly cute flower girl dress.

I always love to capture the dress being put on, this is usually the last stage of doing the buttons up which is often done by the bride’s mother or a close family member and can often be rather emotional and funny all at the same time. Especially if the couple’s child wants to wrap herself in the beautiful gown too, just like this lovely little lady did!

Vicky our glorious bride was ready to walk down the aisle to say I do to her handsome hubby Chris! Our bride wore a beautiful wedding dress from Wed2b, complimenting the gown with a dried bouquet containing colours complimenting to glorious autumn season;

Victoria made her way down the staircase to greet her proud dad who was ready to walk her down the aisle along with her man of honor and flower girl. Spring Grove house is truly an outstanding venue to capture a wedding at, the backdrops truly compliment my beautiful bride as she makes her grand entrance into the foyer.

As the doors opened into the ceremony room, the room was upstanding for the entrance of the bride and her bridal party. Everyone awed as their 10-month-old daughter walked in the room holding the hand of the man of honor, followed proudly by her proud grandad and of course our main lady the gorgeous bride Vicky. filled with huge cheesy smiles as she looked up to see the handsome groom Chris looking over her way.

I love the part after the ceremony where my couple walks out the ceremony doors smiles gleaming and they can then chat with their family and friends, have a good cuddle, and enjoy the moment. This is the perfect time to capture the candids of the wedding day, lots of smiling, laughing, interaction between all the wedding guests, You can really capture some hilarious and emotional moments during this time.

When my couples have had a good mingle with their guests they are all then ready to go and have their traditional family formals. I always start this off with a big group shot in front of their wedding venue, so of course, we had to make the most out of the beautiful Spring Grove House and hold the group shot there along with the fun confetti walk-through. This time my bride Vicky also had arranged to do a bouquet toss which is always a lot of fun where all the women basically push and shove each other out of the way.

After the formals I like to take my couple away for a little alone time (well alone time with me haha). We then have the opportunity to let the couple have a little kiss and cuddle oozing the romance that I want to capture as their wedding photographer. I also tell them to be themselves nothing is more important to me than to show their personalities, I love the silly, crazy moments and Vicky & Chris just gave me all they had. They were so fun to photograph. As they had their wedding day take place at Spring Grove House which is a part of the West Midlands Safari Park we had the opportunity to go down to the fair at the park and have some fun photographs on the carousel and Vicky & Chris specifically asked for a photo with the T-rex so we just had to make this happen and look how cool it turned out! Not many couples get to say they had dinosaurs on their wedding day!

After a beautiful wedding meal, it was time for our bride and groom to cut their fabulous wedding cake created by The Cake Emporium in Halesowen. Their wedding cake was based around a Harry potter theme which I absolutely love! They had so much fun cutting it too as you can see!

When it’s time for speeches I love to have a moment of taking everything in and looking around the room whilst the wedding couple make their speeches and you usually see so much smiling and laughter as well as a few tears. Basically a room full of emotional wedding guests with plenty of wine for toasts! The room where the speeches take place was the room where they sat to eat the exquisite wedding breakfast along with where the ceremony took place. A beautiful big bright room is absolutely perfect to hold the main parts of your wedding day and Spring Grove House at The West Midlands Safari Park is the perfect wedding venue for this.

For Vicky & Chris, their first dance was really special, they decided on having a private dance with just them both outside on the beautiful grounds of Spring Grove House. Just me capturing them both, background music and them having the time of their lives. It was really a romantic and beautiful moment of the wedding day and it’s something that I wish would happen more often to finish off the perfect day!

If you are interested in booking me for your wedding day at Spring Grove House at the West Midlands Safari Park in Bewdley or any other wedding venue in the United Kingdom please contact me!

The fabulous suppliers from the day:

Venue: Spring Grove House

Wedding dress: Wed2B

Makeup & Hair: Makeup By Ellen

Wedding cake: The Cake Emporium

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