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How to choose the perfect Wedding Photographer

What makes a perfect wedding photographer?

So how do you choose the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding day? The most perfect Wedding Photographer isn’t necessarily the most expensive or most experienced, they have to be perfect for you both and your wedding day.

Where do you start in choosing the perfect wedding photographer?

So the time has come for you to start planning your wedding including your wedding venue and suppliers. I always say to people who are planning their wedding to choose their wedding date, and find and book the perfect wedding venue first. The next stages are to book your registrar or book the church if you would prefer that. These are the first things you need to do before you book any supplier so your supplier can make sure they are available on your wedding date.

You can then start searching for your suppliers and many couples prioritize finding their wedding photographer first. The reason for this is that we book up very quickly for prime dates in the summer. I have had so many inquiries in the past where I am already booked and I’ve had the date booked for a long time.

So what options do I have?

When you choose the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding there are things to think about when choosing the perfect wedding photographer for your day, which are how much you want to spend and what type of style you want to go for. Couples usually first start looking at photographers and they are overwhelmed with such a variety and they all vary in cost. Some new photographers may cost £300 whereas some may cost in excess of £2000. Wedding Photographer’s style can be colourful, moody, bright, airy, and more varied so you just have to find a style that you love.

How much does a wedding photographer cost?

Costing is a crucial element in choosing your wedding photographer. The Uk average is currently around £1500-£2000 for full-day coverage and yes at first seeing these prices it can be surprising for a couple with no understanding of the work that goes into a wedding day and after the day. The most important thing is to decide on a budget that you are happy with and see what you can get for that budget.

Many Wedding Photographers have a standard full-day package that includes your edited digital images provided on a private online gallery and sometimes with a USB also which is a nice physical touch to have. My advice if you want to keep to a budget is to keep to just the digitals and consider adding on products such as USBs or wedding albums nearer the day or even after the wedding.

However, if you want to splurge on a professional photographer and the services and products they provide then that’s absolutely perfect too! Adding on the beautiful products your photographer offers at the time you book your package is often a great thing to do as it often secures the products at the current cost because two years down the line after your wedding day the prices will have increased greatly.

The most important thing to consider when choosing the perfect photographer

The most important thing when you choose the perfect wedding photographer, in my opinion, is that you have to get on with your wedding photographer. Call them, do a zoom call or even have a good chat over coffee if you are local because you spend so much time around them on your wedding day so you want to feel relaxed around them. As a wedding photographer, I also like to find a couple that I vibe with and have the type of bond which I can be myself and have a laugh with as well as be a professional and create some amazing work. I always come away from shooting a wedding making many new friends including the wedding couple and often a few wedding guests and to me that is so important as it becomes more emotional when I get such amazing feedback and compliments following the wedding.

My last bit of advice when choosing the perfect wedding photographer is to always make sure they provide you with the most exceptional service from start to finish. When you book ensure they provide a contract and pay a booking fee to hold your wedding date with them, this is important. After that chill and enjoy the rest of your wedding planning your wedding photographer should be in touch nearer the day (I usually contact a month or two before for my couples to fill out their pre-wedding questionnaire).

I wish you all the luck in booking the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding day, whether it’s me or another fabulous photographer! Have the most amazing wedding day!

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