wedding couple at Hanbury wedding barn staffordshire

Hanbury Wedding Barn, Staffordshire

Priya & Umesh

The perfect summer wedding for Priya & Umesh took place in beautiful Staffordshire in the heart of the National Forest. The glorious Hanbury Wedding barn is lit up with colours of sage green and the most perfect flowers to compliment such an Idyllic wedding venue. It was a perfect setting to hold an outdoor wedding and of course, the most amazing wedding venue to capture the most stunning wedding photographs.

Our bride Priya got ready at the venue having her makeup and hair completed by the talented Heather Victoria. Her first look of today was a uniquely styled bun with a beautiful hairpiece placed gracefully above. Her makeup complimented Priya’s gorgeous features and certainly made her feel like the glamourous bride she was. During bridal preparations at Hanbury Wedding Barn in Staffordshire Priya was surrounded by her mother and her two closest friends to prepare her to walk down the aisle to meet Umesh and finally get married!

Umesh our groom was also getting ready at Hanbury Wedding Barn but well hidden away from priya as they both prepared to say their I dos in just a few hours time. Umesh wore a smart grey suit and with hints of blue and with the help from his grooms party he finished his atire off with some jewllery gifted from the bride Priya.

The time had finally arrived at Hanbury Wedding Barn for Priya to get into her wedding dress and she truly did light up the room. Her wedding dress was figure hugging down to the thighs with a dramatic train edged with elegant lace, the perfect dress for a summer wedding. Her beautiful mother helped priya into her dress and finishing touches including her neclace and bracelet, which then concluded with the placement of the wedding veil which rested perfectly above the delicate bun in her hair.

Priya & Umesh were ready to say I do and in preparation their family and friends gathered in the beautiful grounds of Hanbury Wedding Barn for a outdoor ceremony to witness the marriage of the couple.

The ceremony commenced with everyone standing to prepare for the arrival of the bride to walk down the aisle. She was led out by the cute page boys, flower girls and bridesmaids, during this time Umesh was beaming with smiles and excitement so ready to finally get a look at his bride. When Priya entered the ceremony she looked so beautiful, there was not a person in the ceremony that wasnt smiling at how incredible she looked. There was beautiful emotions from the groom when priya got closer and its always so lovely to see happy tears at weddings.

Hanbury Wedding Barn is the perfect location to have an outdoor wedding ceremony and the weather certainly was amazing for Priya & Umesh on their special day. During the wedding ceremony so much smiles, laughter and pure emotion as Priya & Umesh said their wedding vows. They were finally husband and wife, their family and friends applauded and now the huge celebration can begin!

Priya and Umesh got to exit their perfect ceremony on the grounds of Hanbury Wedding Barn with an explosion of wedding confetti showered over them by their family and friends. I always love capturing a confetti shot of the couple they either look very happy and are laughing away or they look absolutely terrified. However, with these gorgeous captures Priya & Umesh look so ecstatic and full of smiles!

After the ceremony finishes we have some time for our bride and groom to mingle with all of their wedding guests and have some time to themselves as husband and wife. I have the great opportunity then to capture the guests smiling and laughing and enjoying the beautiful Hanbury Wedding Barn in the glorious sun.

It was time to take the family formals which is part of the day that happens every wedding day where the wedding couple have decided on what photos they would like specifically with their family and friends. Formals arent a necessity so please don’t think you have to have them. They’re traditional, timeless, and great to show generations of your family in many years to come but a lot of couples choose to go for a more casual, documentary style during their day or something less formal and more fun!

We had finally reached the part of a wedding day where the bride and groom get to see the room where their wedding breakfast is going to take place. The room looked so elegant with the bride and groom’s chosen colour of sage green with beautiful flowers and dinner placements. When choosing a wedding theme or colour I often see the usual pink or blue so it was really refreshing to have a different colour to capture.

The speeches took place before Priya, Umesh & their wedding guests feasted on a beautiful meal. Speeches can be funny, emotional and very meaningful for the couple. it gives the speaker the opportunity to say positive words about the couple a bring up often embarrassing and shocking memories of the bride and groom which usually ends up with the bride or groom holding their head in their hands.

After the speeches and the meal we took Priya & Umesh out for their couple portraits. In summer you have so many perfect opportunities to capture the couple, in the day, sunset and evening in the dark it just totally depends on the best fit to the day. The chemistry between Priya & Umesh was beautiful to capture, their love and friendship is so clear that they are perfect for one another. This is partly why I adore my job because I get to capture pure raw love between two people and provide it as a memory for the couple.

After the wedding portraits it was time to get ready for the evening reception. Priya changed into a traditional gown which was a beautiful shade of pink covered in jewels along with Umesh changing into a smart black suit jacket. A new hairstyle and makeup was also a must for the evening recpetion which complimented her beautiful evening gown so well. At a wedding recption as amazing as this it was full of dancing, tasty food and amazing entertainement by Virsa Entertainment who got everyone up and dancing including myself whilst I captured the happy couple take to the floor for their first dance. When the wedding couple head up for their first dance the DJ or wedding band usually invite up the wedding guests to join the couple for their dance and its a beautiful time to see many couples back on the dance floor celebrating such an amazing wedding day in Staffordshire at the amazing Hanbury Wedding Barn!

If you are interested in booking me for your wedding day at Hanbury Wedding Barn in Staffordshire or any other wedding venue in the Midlands or United Kingdom please contact me!

The fabulous suppliers from the day:

Venue: Hanbury Wedding Barn

Wedding dress & Flower: Wedding Wishes

Makeup & Hair: Heather Victoria

Videographer: Fraser Hinch

Wedding Entertainment: Virsa Entertainment

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