Hey I’m Rebecca!

I’m the girl behind the camera and I know you want to know more so you definitely came to the right place. If there is one thing I want you to know about me it’s that I know how it feels to be head over heels in love.

I have a wonderful, comical husband who keeps me sane as well as drives me insane along with my two-year-old daughter Heather. She is my world and I truly create the work I do to give my daughter the inspiration to follow her own dreams in the future.


Five years in Photography

Three years married to Jonathan, we got married at Manor by the lake in Cheltenham!

My birthday is December 24th, I am a Capricorn!

Bachelor’s degree in Fine arts.

Trained in special effects makeup.

I have experience in ballet, tap, jazz, and disco dancing!

6ft 1 inch tall!

Countries visited so far include Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, and these states: Florida, New York & Nevada.

I love music by Queen & Michael Jackson!




I met my husband back in 2011 and he was the biggest windup, I honestly get asked all the time how I put up with him. Fast forward to 2016 we got engaged in Rome and started planning our big 2019 wedding. I got to marry the person who makes me feel loved every day and that is something truly special.

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Photo of daughters

Heather & Ivy


Here’s my babies! Heather is my first born. She was born on the 26th of March 2020, 3 days after we went into lockdown. Having her during that time was surely different. However, it gave me time to experience her first steps and milestones that I may never have got and I will always treasure that! An my youngest is Ivy who was born on the 24th January 2024. It’s a little different this time round and I am so happy that my youngest baby is able to fortunately experience a lot more than Heather did. I love them both so dearly. Photo taken by Rebecca Elsmore Photography.

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My 6-year-old Staffordshire cross is practically our 2nd child. Harlie is such a daddy’s dog and the biggest ‘scaredy cat’ on the planet. Harlie loves long walks, apples and salt and vinegar crisps (Jon’s fault), and most of all she loves a big cuddle off her favorite human Jon!

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You’ll love me if…

You’re after someone who will make you feel special and at ease.

If you want some gorgeous romantic portraits taken but are getting nervous about having your photo taken, then I am the perfect photographer for you. I am very calming and bubbly, you will feel like your friend is taking your photo.

You may want to look elsewhere if…

You’re just after someone who is cheap and cheerful.

After just a point and click type of thing? I’m not your girl for that kind of photoshoot. I love to take my time, connect with my client and deliver something gorgeous and in the moment. My couples treasure me and what I do.


Photography with heart

My couples love my bubbly, chilled personality which totally compliments who they are as a couple. You are the type of bride or groom to be that loves to express your passion for one another but is also not ashamed to laugh so hard and act silly!

I’m interested in who you both are and your wedding story. I want to hear your crazy out there plans! Are you having a destination wedding? I’d love to take that adventure with you! Having your dog as the best man at your wedding? There will be lots of puppy cuddles heading their way.

If this sounds like your jam and you like the sound of how I work then get in touch!

Let’s go and rock your wedding photographs and have one hell of a party!